Dry Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks that Shine!
Not all Dreadlocks wearers have dry looking locks. The appearance of the hair depends on the maintenance techniques and products used by the individual. However, dreadlocked and even natural hair may never have the same degree of luster as relaxed hair because of their inability to consistently refract light. But just because you like your hair "Nappy" doesn't mean you're doomed to dull, lifeless hair.

dreas dreadlocks after using lockd down dreadlocks butter
Drea after using naani's naturals LOCK'D DOWN DREADLOCKS Butter

Avoid products that leave excessive residue will Build-up in/on your dreadlocks overtime and eventually give your hair a dry appearance and even a greyish hue.  Much of this discoloration can be cured by rotating your products, using an herbal rinse and periodically washing your dreadlocks with a Clarifying shampoo.

Dreadlocks Gels vs.

Dreadlocks Butters
Gels are water based.  When they go onto your hair, they're slick and appear to offer shine.  Once the water evaporates however, and it naturally does, your hair is dull and dry.

Butters are solidified oils.  The right combination of butters can give you a greaseless shine that lasts from one shampoo to the next. 

naanis naturals lockd down dreadlocks butterDreadlocks Waxes vs. Dreadlocks Butters
There are two types of dreadlocks waxes.  The first is the consistency of Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly.  In this case, the problematic ingredient is Petrolatum.  Petrolatum is usually the first ingredient in such products which is why these types of waxes are so thick and gooey...they're pretty much Vaseline.

The second thype of dreadlocks wax usually contains far too much bees or parafin wax.  These products are VERY stiff and thick, almost like a candle.  Essentially that's what you're getting, a candle that's been soften to use on your hair.

All dreadlocks waxes build-up on hair.  They create a gray, hazy residue or coating to your locks.  They make locks heavy and difficult to shampoo.  They also trap in dirt and odor.  We suggest that you avoid any product that terms itself a "wax."

Dreadlocks butters typically contain beeswax.  Butters however use beeswax as a stabilizer.  In this case, it stabilizes the other ingredients in the product so that your is not impacted by extremes.  For example, on a hot day, a dreadlocks gel will evaporate, leaving hair dry.  On a cold day, a dreadlocks wax will harden and leave hair stiff.  Dreadlocks butters use an appropriate amount of beeswax, do not build-up on hair, do not leave-residue, are easy to shampoo out and they offer wonder sheen and hold. 

The best product for dry locks is by far naani's naturals Lock'd Down Dreadlocks Butter.  Where most companies are afraid to tell you what's in their product, naani's proud to let you know our ingredients: Herb Infused Olive Oil, Jojoba, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Illipe Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oil and/or Fragrance Oil Blend.

Lock'd Down is by far our best selling product and is available online or at our Jacksonville, FL retail location.  Lock'd Down is also available in a vegan (no beeswax) formula.

With mature dreadlocks, you can also try doing a Hot Oil (essential oil based) and Deep Conditioning Treatment at least once a month. If possible, combine the two products to do an all-in-one intensive therapy. After applying the mixture, sit under a hooded dryer for 15-20 minutes or as directed. Rinse your hair thoroughly to fully remove the product.

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