Ways to Grow Dreadlocks - Sisterlocks or Brotherlocks

Ways to Grow Dreadlocks - Sisterlocks or Brotherlocks
For more information on this style, visit the official website -

Sisterlocks is a method that has been developed for use on natural or relaxed hair. This is a trademarked method and lawfully, should only be attempted by a trained/certified consultant.

Sisterlocks can be very small in diameter and are therefore more pliable and flexible than most other loc style and can be styled in the same manner as straight hair.

During the first months you are required to go to a certified consultant for regular retightenings. On average you can expect to have to go every 4-6 weeks. Your hair


The overall feel or pattern of the hair.'); return false">Texture
, growth rate and the way you maintain your Sisterlocks in between sessions will determine when your schedule can be extended. Retightening sessions last about 4-6 hours.

On the upside, you can learn how to retighten your Sisterlocks on your own.  Sisterlocks Headquarters offers certification classes and there you will be taught everything you need to know in order to maintain the style at home.

You can obtain more information on Sisterlocks by visiting them on the web.  

Be sure to visit the official site maintained by the technique inventor, Dr. Cornwell for recent information, products and services.

As always, consult a professional before you attempt any style.

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