Ways to Grow Dreadlocks - Interlocks or Latch-hook Locks

Ways to Grow Dreadlocks - Interlocks or Latch-hook Dreadlocks
Latch-hooking has become a popular maintenance method for Dreadlocks.  Latch-hooking, once mastered, is an easy way to maintain most dreadlocks styles. 

Unfortunately the process by which to use the tool is usually attempted by most people via word-of-mouth instruction resulting in improper use of the tool and technique.

In the words of the Latch-hook Instructional E-Book...
  • You no longer have to worry about your freshly retightened roots coming undone
  • If you are actively working out or swimming, you won't have to worry about getting your hair wet in the pool or shower.
  • Go ahead...rinse your scalp after that vigorous work-out!
The latch-hooking technique has become very popular. To learn how to do this technique Buy "How to Retighten Your Locs Using the Latchin' Technique" E-Book.

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Comment #1 (Posted by katrina) Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingempty Unrated
hello, im 16 trying too lock my hair, but i feel as if it is too short too start so i plan too get braids and put some kind of hair growing oils in my hair so it will help my hair too grow, i was wondering if you could have like full bangs with interlocks, im ah big fan of bangs, i hate braids but i hear that's the main way too get my hair too grow, so the reason i want dreads is becuzz they are really cool too me, i have ah friend that has dreadss, his are very nice and he has bangs, they look kinda like sisterlock but there very small, not too small lol, but sometimes i fear that i won't look right with dreadlocks, so im trying too find the perfect dreads for me lol, i jst don't really know how interlock looks like, i want small & thin dreadss, any advice? please email me.

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